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DALI Thermal Imaging Camera SEE THE UNSEEN

2018-01-01 DALI 901 people follow

The health of a building can be easily assessed using non-destructive, thermal imaging technology. Affordable, pocket-sized, and easy-to-use, Seek Thermal products enable Building Professionals to instantly see problems that are invisible to the naked eye. Whether it's an electrical short, energy loss, or failing motor, your Seek Thermal camera will help you find the problem.

DALI THERMAL IMAGING systems represent the single largest potential savings on utility costs. The health of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are often difficult to track and monitor with traditional tools. A previously cost-prohibitive technology, infrared thermal imaging, is a tool becoming widely adopted by DALI THERMAL IMAGING technicians to inspect valves, ducting, compressor coils, and the electrical components that power a building’s DALI THERMAL IMAGING system.

DALI Thermal Imaging Camera Thermal Imager Infrared Camera

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