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How deep is your understanding of AI? - Dali Technology Sensors

2018-01-11 DALI 5396 people follow

How deep is your understanding of AI?

The concept of artificial intelligence covers a very wide range of areas (only know AFaga is not enough!)

In fact, current artificial intelligence refers to the ability of technology to train machines mastering a "near-human" ability to liberate people from the most basic and complicated issues as a tool to enhance people's lives and work experiences. This is the direction that academia and industry make joint efforts at present, and some achievements have been made with the development of technology.

Dali Technology Sensors

The following companies are participants of the artificial intelligence industry chain:

Dali Technology Sensors

In addition to cloud computing, data services, and computing vendors, there are network operators, sensor companies and system operating businesses.
Dali Technology, as the basic layer of the artificial intelligence industry chain, has independently developed uncooled infrared focal plane detectors (sensors) that provide strong technical support for the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

About Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detectors

Uncooled infrared focal plane detector is the core component of thermal imaging system. It is the key to detect, identify and analyze the infrared information of objects. It has a wide range of applications in various industries such as military, industrial, transportation, security surveillance, meteorology and medicine. Dali independent research and development of detectors, after many years of efforts, have now achieved industrial production. Using CMOS-MEMS technology, products now live with fast response, high resolution, small pixel spacing, high sensitivity, low noise of fixed graphics and so on.


Dali Technology Sensors DALI Thermal Imaging Camera Thermal Imager

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