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DALI IR Thermal Binoculars / Monocular

2018-01-15 DALI 1253 people follow

DALI thermal binoculars & monocular feature tough, ruggedized weather resistant housing, making them perfect to use in any conditions at any time of day or night; search & rescue, law enforcement investigations, homeland security / defense or military operations. We have mini long range thermal binoculars and thermal monocular that are specifically made to keep a steady image even at high speeds on aircraft, vehicle, man portable or boats. Call us today for more information & pricing.


We offer long range thermal binoculars and thermal monocular spotters with addon sensors such as laser range finders LRF, compass, GPS, geo location and additional tactical sensors for long range target location and detection.


Long range thermal binoculars are a prime choice for many military, law enforcement, and homeland security professionals, typically the use of a dual eye binocular or binocular system is preferred over single eyed monocular due to the enhanced image presentation to the users’ eye. HD high resolution OLED micro displays offer big screen style immersive viewing capabilities which is pleasant to the eye and Aids in reduced eye strain and fatigue. DALI has many standalone long range thermal binoculars with multi sensors giving multi spectral imaging capabilities. Day and night vision cameras along with geo locating sensors and IR lasers are added to compliment the overall system and increase its capabilities, today’s thermal binocular observation/reconnaissance and detection systems have up to a dozen sensors and detectors added into a single platform.


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