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Thermal imaging technology has involved in both military and civilian applications

2020-10-27 DaliTech 428 people follow

Thermal imaging technology has involved in both military and civilian applications. It originally started from military use and gradually turned to civilian use. In civilian use, it is generally called a thermal imager, and it is also widely used in fire prevention, night vision and security.



The role of thermal imaging cameras in counter-terrorism, investigation, and drug control:


1. Anti-terrorism handling-armed police and special police conduct personnel search

Thermal imaging cameras can quickly lock suspects in a large area, and find missing persons or fugitives through the thermal imaging cameras. People are strong radiators of heat. It is easy to determine their location through a thermal imager. You can also find people hiding in concealed objects using a thermal imager.


At present, there is the kind of dual-light fusion thermal imaging. It uses infrared and low-light fusion, combining the advantages of infrared and low-light, so that the imaging resolution is higher, and the monomer is easier to be recognized. It adds a new fusion focus (picture in picture ) Function, which can magnify a single point and maintain high definition. The main feature is the face recognition function. Ordinary thermal imaging cameras can only see fuzzy human figures, while dual-light fusion thermal imaging night vision cameras can see human faces clearly. It can be fast and convenient in counter-terrorism, investigation, and anti-drugs. Solve work problems.


2. Monitoring of important places-monitoring of airports, prisons, communities, urban and rural areas

By the thermal imaging camera, it can effectively monitor the crime-prone areas to prevent suspects from escaping or interference from entering the alert area. The police using handheld thermal imaging camera can make the surrounding control more effective, reduce crime rate and protect personal and property safety.


3. Vehicle tracking and monitoring

Vehicles emit a lot of heat during and after use. The heat radiation comes from the engine, tires, brakes and exhaust pipes. A police helicopter equipped with an thermal imaging camera can track the suspect’s vehicle from the air.


4. Surveillance in anti-drug, trafficking, possession, anti-drug and other occasions

Thermal imaging cameras can play an active role in rapid search and investigation when detecting drug production, drug trafficking, and possession of drugs.


The role of thermal imaging camera in border defense:


1. Water rescue

Thermal imaging cameras can detect overturned ships and people falling into the water in time, thus gaining valuable time for water rescue.


2. Border inspection station monitoring 

Thermal imaging cameras can conduct dynamic monitoring of marine anchorages, ships, etc. through rain, fog, dark night and other harsh weather conditions to improve border monitoring and management efficiency.


3. Border Patrol 

The vehicle-mounted thermal imaging camera can monitor illegal activities such as drug trafficking and smuggling on land borders at a relatively long distance under severe weather conditions, and promptly stop or arrest them to improve border security.


The role of thermal imaging cameras in prison monitoring, patrols, and epidemic prevention


1. Prison Wall Monitoring

The monitoring surveillance thermal imaging camera can monitor the activities of prisoners inside the prison wall 24 hours a day, and monitor important locations in the prison, providing protection for the security of prison guards.


2. Night vision patrol

 Hand-held thermal imaging cameras provide assistance for night prison patrols, search and pursuit of fugitives.


3. Epidemic prevention

The human body temperature-measuring thermal imaging camera conducts long-distance, large-area body temperature detection for visitors entering and exiting prisons and other personnel, detecting epidemics in time, and effectively ensuring the prison's epidemic prevention and control capabilities.


I believe that in the future thermal imaging cameras will bring more practical applications and solutions to all aspects of everyone's life in more and more application fields, making everyone's life more convenient and safer!

Thermal imaging technology has involved in both military and civilian applications


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