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Dream - after 30 years of untiring pursuit.

Commitment - imbued with the original intention, remembering the oath.

2020, a monument of great historical change.

Dali won in the fight against COVID-19 along with Chinese people by technology and service.

DALI enables power, industrial testing, temperature measurement, rail transit, security monitoring, emergency rescue, assisted driving, and more industries with its products, applying IR everywhere.

DALI adheres to dreams with faith and fulfills promises with actions.

DALI is willing to explore the future of photoelectric CORE with you.

Dedicated IR Technology Building A Solid Anti-epidemic Wall

At the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, Pang Huimin, chairman of DALI Technology, was keenly aware of the soaring demand for temperature measuring equipment in China after he learned the important news of the CPC Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control and experts said that the virus was transmitted from person to person. He immediately called on all staff to stop the Spring Festival holiday to ensure the production of anti-epidemic materials (infrared thermal imaging body temperature screening equipment). 


DALI technology was listed as the first group of the "Key enterprises for epidemic prevention and control" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries and commissions for the first time. Multi-party forces unblocked the allocation of production materials, enabling DALI Technology to "race against time" and lay a solid foundation for winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.


The DALI technology collaborated with the whole industry to weave an invisible infrared wall, and achieved double victories of "epidemic prevention and control" and "safe resumption of work and production". More than 20000 infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening instruments were deployed across 34 provinces (including municipalities directly under the Central Government, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) in China this year and they were exported to 69 countries and regions, realizing 10 billion person-time temperature measurements during the whole year. At the same time, DALI Technology has received the attention and recognition of all sectors of society and has fulfilled its solemn promise of "Technology to make users at ease and service to satisfy users" with practical actions.

"Infrared" is the starting point, "photoelectric" is the future

DALI has never stopped the pace of technological exploration. After the release of the infrared industry's highest 6-megapixel detector, the aerospace space remote sensing situational awareness and other high-end application scenarios have become the core and new target of DALI Technology. 


In 2020, DALI science and technology rail inspection equipment will appear on the "Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway" to realize the smart operation of rail transit in a comprehensive way. In 2020, DALI technology's "Electric inspection robot" has been widely used in the electric system. In 2020, DALI technology has achieved a historical breakthrough in sales of civil-use goods at home and abroad;


We firmly believe that we will overcome the thorns ahead with the courage to explore. We firmly believe that our lifelong mission is to transform the infrared "Cultivator" into the photoelectric "Explorer".


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