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How thermal imaging tech is about to become hot stuff

2018-01-01 1544 people follow

Soon we'll all be feeling the heat, thanks to thermal imaging technology.

Although it's already been used by industry, the military and some emergency services, it was expensive and therefore had a limited market.

But in the same way that GPS location tech has now found its way into cars, smartphones, cameras and many other devices, thermography, as it's more properly known, is on the brink of becoming a universal technology, too.

The cost of chips and thermal detectors that enable us to see and measure infrared heat signatures from surfaces has plunged in recent years.

So in the future, that means more sensors in more places. Doing what exactly?

In a supermarket a manager could be alerted when the checkout queue gets too long without looking at a video feed. The cumulative heat signature would be enough to trigger an alert.

At big venues, audio could be redirected on the fly amongst dozens of loud speakers to give the area with the most people at any given moment the best possible aural experience.

Sensors placed along the side of a cruise ship could instantly detect falling passengers even before they touched the water's surface.

And smartphones equipped with such sensors could be used to carry out thermal efficiency inspections in homes, spot leaks, or simply look for wildlife on night camping adventures with the kids.


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