Maintenance and Vehicle Systems

Locomotives and vehicles have a lot of electrical equipment. In a large area within a short period of time, Infrared camera can scan high-voltage contactors, fuse panel, main power circuit breaker disk, contactors, as well as all the distribution lines, electric motors, transformers and other electrical equipment to quickly find the point of failure and risks. Accurately detecting the vehicle Hotbox can prevent accidents of eagerly axis.


A variety of motor, transmission equipment: such as electric motors, generators, asynchronous splitter, oil-water exchange, air dryer, bearings, buffer, transmission, traction machine. Using infrared camera can find excessive temperature of bearing, unbalanced load, shorted or open winding, carbon brushes, slip rings, and the current collector ring fever, overload and overheat, cooling lines clogged, and so on.

Diesel-electric locomotive


Intercooler fan