​Handheld Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

Handheld Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

​Handheld Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager


Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Screening Equipment

Uncooled FPA Detector

Thermal Imaging Module

​Handheld Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

On-line Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

Temperature Measurement Thermal Imaging System

Dedicated Type Thermal Imager

Infrared Telescope

Online Observation Thermal Imaging Camera

Online Observation Thermal Imaging System


  • T9/T10

    384×288/640×480 pixel detector, can get super pixel to 768×576/1280×960Hand-automatic len...

  • C Series

    Thermal Imaging CameraHigh-definition infrared imaging technology,up to 120 × 120 pixel res...

  • T1

    T1 Tool type thermal imaging camera 160*120 Pixels True and full-frame rate infrared temp...

  • TX Series

    160*120/384*288 uncooled FPAApplication scenarios:Power intelligent detection, petroleum an...

  • LTX Series

    160*120/384*288 uncooled FPAApplications:Power intelligent detection, petroleum and petroch...

  • DL700 640*480

    640*480 uncooled FPAApplications:1.Electrical and mechnical industrySecurity detection/Insu...

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